’93 Clays-Golf Homestead Tournament | Shooting Sports America

It’s #TimeWarpTuesday: We found a box of old tapes at the office. Old TV shows and videos featuring Grits Gresham and Tom Gresham. Enjoy these blasts from the past.

The idea of combining golf and sporting clays came from Doug Painter, at the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The aim was to attract golfers to clay target shooting. Eventually, this initial video segment prompted an actual tournament which involved one round of golf and one round of sporting clays. Grip, stance, alignment, swing and follow-through form the foundation of a golf shot or a shot at a clay target. The combination event never took off nationally, but it was sure fun for the few years it was held at the Homestead resort in Virginia.

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Basic Gun Safety

With the sporting activity of hunting slowly raising in popularity around the United States annually, seekers are locating themselves in closer closeness to various other hunters than ever before. Normally, this scenario produces a specific component of danger, taking into consideration the minuscule quantity of safety and security training needed for a hunting authorization, which reality that virtually every seeker in America is strolling around with a packed weapon. Right here are a couple of basic suggestions to maintain you and also others as secure as possible while appreciating the hunting period.

How to Improve Your Deer Hunting Skills

If you enjoy hunting but require some guidelines on just how to boost your technique, after that you will certainly intend to pay close focus to the info that is offered for you in this write-up. It will be your overview to finding out exactly how to catch a deer whenever you head out. Even more than most likely you have heard your reasonable share of hunting tales, where somebody will sit and also wait on hours as well as never also see a deer. This is since they just are not taking the best strategy. If you really wish to see impressive outcomes when you head out following time, after that merely apply the adhering to tips to your hunting approach.

Best Tips For Deer Hunting

When open season opens up, you will certainly wish to know just the ideal pointers for just how to capture the perfect deer. This write-up will certainly discuss a few of one of the most crucial info you will certainly ever learn pertaining to just how to be an outstanding hunter and also earn a buck every single time you head out. There are various points to bear in mind when it pertains to searching anything, yet as lengthy as you take ideal approach, you should not have any problems.

Best 3 Ways to Catch a 12 Point Buck

If your dream is to catch a 12 point buck when you are out searching, after that you will would like to know precisely what to do in order to accomplish this. Even the very best hunter can always learn something new, so bear in mind to evaluate the information that is offered to you in this short article very carefully. It can quite possibly be responsible for providing you the dream catch of your life. When you are out searching, always bear in mind these points, and also you will do fine.

America’s Pastime – Baseball? No, Hunting

I would love to think that searching is more of an American activity than baseball. Perhaps even more. American family members have been taking pleasure in (as well as enduring) going searching given that our starting dads. Allows admit it, were individuals truly bring baseball bats or searching knives around? Even today lugging a pocket knife around with you would make more feeling than a baseball glove.

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