’93 Russia v U.S. Biathlon; Sporting Clays & Schwarzkopf | Shooting Sports America by Chevy Trucks

It’s #TimeWarpTuesday: We found a box of old tapes at the office. Old TV shows and videos featuring Grits Gresham and Tom Gresham. Enjoy these blasts from the past.
Says Tom: “One of the best descriptions of the difficulty of biathlon (and summer biathlon) is to imagine running a mile, then stopping to thread a needle. The strength and cardio conditioning of these athletes is amazing. Plus, there’s a back story on shooting with Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf. When Grits arrived at the range, there were three (3!) teams of special forces members there, protecting the General. The video was shot in 1992, not long after Gen. Schwarzkopf lead allied forces in the first Gulf War. Security was high — probably based on intelligence about threats. The fully-armed SF guys set up three concentric rings of protection. Wherever Gen. Schwarzkopf moved, the rings moved. Grits said the outer ring was perhaps a couple of hundred yards out from them. Naturally, that interesting part of the day was never mentioned on television. Chevy Trucks Shooting Sports America was a television series produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and aired on ESPN.

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