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Ryan and KJ finally link up again to discuss the latest offering from Ontario Knife Company – a retractable bayonet. Plus, Guns & Gear filming wraps up, find out what the guys are shooting this week. Gun Talk LIVE is supported by Hodgdon, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Sig Sauer.

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Deer Hunting Tips and Secrets – Using A Stand Or Climber

Tips and tricks for using deer searching stands and climbers. Factors for choosing a stand, where to position a stand, safety and security issues while making use of a stand as well as how stay scent totally free.

Mule Deer Hunting Tips

Place and also Stalk is feasible … but tough. I grew up in Nevada and also hunting Mule Deer was a yearly event. I will attempt to connect to you what I have learnt more about searching the, smart old dollars.

Hunting Rangefinder Review

So you recognize the deer or buck is available. You have actually seen the indications that left. Then if you wish to search it successfully without any irritation, you need a searching rangefinder. It is an effective gizmo that assists you come to be a ‘good’ hunter.

How Can I Become A Wild Boar Hunter?

Although many consider it a risky as well as old-fashioned hunting range, wild boar hunting has it reasonable share of enthusiasts throughout the globe. Although at a first glimpse it might appear no various than other searching kinds that require a good deal of waiting, this specific sport is one of the reasons for which words intricacy was designed.

Hunting And The Suburbs

Tale regarding the growth of the suburbs and resulting problem with hunters that this creates. Among these situations in Sherwood, Oregon is gone over.

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