Are the Feds Restricting Ammo Distribution? | Gun Talk Radio

Ben calls the show with an accusation that the ammo shortage is being created by the Federal government limiting distribution to retail stores. Is that what is happening? Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham responds to the notion that the government is restricting what can be sold in stores in order to enact backdoor gun control.

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Ready, Holo, and Fire!

For lots of years, the long lasting issue of many seekers is that it is difficult to keep goal in areas with bad lights, like forests. In a woodland, because of the motion of the wind and the trees, and also the scintillating sunshine, darkness usually play methods with hunters, creating them to miss their targets. Also, while viewing films, one might have often questioned why the personalities hold their weapons up over their heads and also relocate in water, although it would assist them balance much better by maintaining the gun in their pockets.

Cuddeback Game Cameras – The Best of the Cheapest

Required an entry level route camera? Unsure which way to go? The amount of competitors in between different brands of route electronic cameras is massive.

Gerber Knives – Still Legendary?

It got me assuming, what was it that affected me to buy Gerber Knives? More than likely it was brand name acknowledgment, accessibility of product in the neighborhood shops, the cost to some level or perhaps it came down to the impact of a convincing salesperson. Whatever the reasons, I’m rather certain I really did not think about some essential details like high quality of products, workmanship, ergonomic style, durability as well as all the other characteristics that define a premium blade.

What to Look For When Buying a Rifle Scope

Anyone that has a rifle understands just how important it is to have a scope. With a range you are able to identify points further in the range and also you are able to see a lot much farther. However not all scopes are developed equal.

Cleaning Your Gun in 6 Easy Steps

Every weapon owner understands the simple truth that proper weapon care suggests constant cleansing of crucial weapon elements. When it come to newbies, the idea of cleaning your weapon every week may seem like an overwhelming endeavor, nevertheless, by simply sticking with the right actions, any weapon can easily be cleaned.

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