Argentina Waterfowl Hunt with Bert Jones, Curt Gowdy, and Grits Gresham

It’s #TimeWarpTuesday: We found a box of old tapes at the office. Old TV shows and videos featuring Grits Gresham and Tom Gresham. Enjoy these blasts from the past.

There’s a backstory about this Argentina waterfowl hunt with Bert Jones, Grits Gresham and Curt Gowdy. Jones was the NFL MVP in 1976 — a star quarterback with an unlimited future, until injuries, including a broken neck, forced him to retire. The backstory? Jones took his bride on this trip to Argentina. Yes, he took her on a hunt for their honeymoon. When Jones played for the Baltimore Colts, instead of resting on Mondays like other NFL players, he would be found on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, hunting ducks. Although he retired from football as one of the best, he never retired from hunting and fishing, and he probably never will.

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Pros and Cons of Bow Hunting vs Rifle Hunting

Most rifle seekers claim that bow seekers need to rifle search while bow seekers say that rifle hunters should select a bow. In the end do what makes you most pleased as well as most comfortable.

Tips to Planting Food Plots For Deer

It is a truth that deer seasons seem to pass really swiftly, and after that continuing to be deer require to be reproduced and maintained healthy for the following period. For this reason individuals plant food plots for their well being as the animals are constantly seeking food, and also it would certainly be an aggressive transfer to plant food-plots to bring in deer continuing to be in your area.

Choosing the Right Weapon For Deer Hunting

In any kind of occupation or sporting activity, the tools that are utilized have a great deal of value and unless you have the finest, the possibilities of your success will not enhance. For that reason also in deer as well as elk searching, you require tools like a rifle that will certainly fit to your shoulder, the weight, the sights, its action and also quality will certainly suit you the ideal. You ought to constantly choose the weapon that has the appropriate weight that can aid you shoot precisely.

Planting a Wildlife Food Plot

Establishing your own plot of wildlife and fauna might sound just a little bit over-reaching and absurd to some but be guaranteed it is far from impossible! You can expand your own wildlife and suffer it with correct nutrition with the aid of correct devices and also tools. The farming equipment is helpful and can be moved as well as suited little rooms where also tractors can not suit.

Tips to Hunting Whitetail Deer

To search whitetail deer before the beginning of the breeding season, you require to make a close examination of feeding locations as well as deer trails, as in preparation for winter season and the following breeding time, both the man as well as women deer feed more to obtain weight. The breeding season or rut differs in various areas, relying on the strength of the climate and schedule of food.

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