ATN’s OTS LT Thermal Monocular | Guns & Gear LIVE

Observation and scouting are key to any successful hunt. ATN offers a wide range of tools like the OTS LT thermal monocular to aid in the process. Steve Lemenov joins Guns & Gear Live with Ryan Gresham and Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin to talk about strategies, utilizing the latest handheld from ATN. Find the ATN OTS LT and other ATN products at

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The Most Popular Deer Hunting Rifles

When it concerns hunting deer, some people prefer bows, some muzzleloaders as well as some rifles. If you delight in obtaining outdoors as well as taking residence a trophy deer using a rifle, it is important that you select the appropriate rifle. When it comes to hunting deer, some individuals favor bows, some muzzleloaders and some rifles.

What Shooting Clothing Do You Really Need?

Desire a better capturing coat? Desire more shooting pants? Desire to remain warm and completely dry? Locate out if you have actually obtained all the shooting clothes you really require.

How to Save Money on Your Country Clothing

Required a brand-new capturing coat? Want warmer socks? Want boots that will last? Figure out exactly how to get all the outdoor garments you require without spending a lot of money.

Five Reasons Why You Should Use a Hunting Crossbow

Hunting crossbows are less complicated to shoot than compound bows. The statement that was formerly stated may stimulate some debate, but it’s just my viewpoint. These bows can be shot while taking a seat. With a substance, a hunter needs to stand as well as having a go at a pet like a deer for example.

How to Pick a Good Pocket Folding Knife

Penknife are located to be useful in several means. They are used for straightforward daily work such as opening boxes, reducing ropes, as well as slicing bread loaves. Aside from these simple everyday projects, pocket knives can additionally be utilized for complex duties such as hunting and protection and safety reasons.

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