Best Budget Tactical Flashlight – Thrunite TN12 PRO Review

Best Budget Tactical Flashlight – Thrunite TN12 PRO Review
Hey, everyone! Today we brought to you a comprehensive review of one of the best tactical flashlights on the market – the Thrunite TN12 PRO.

✅1. ThruNite LED Flashlight Rechargeable, Catapult Mini 598 Meters Long Throw, High 680 Lumens Searchlight for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Emergency Signaling, and Land Management
The latest iteration in the Thrunite’s lineup, the TN12 PRO is a tactical, dual-switch, 18650 light, offering a Luminus SFT-40 emitter in cool white and USB-C charging. This particular light comes with the full package; battery, clip, lanyard and holster making it very accessible for non-enthusiasts to use without any other necessary purchases.
Overall, I was impressed with the ThruNite TN12 Pro. The fact that it comes with everything necessary to get going is a definite plus, especially with all the different options for carrying it. If you’re looking for a portable galactic death star in your pocket, or just an affordable flashlight that is superior in quality to others of the same price range, you surely can’t go wrong with this rugged piece of tactical gear.
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