Buy A Gun with No Available Ammo? | Gun Talk Radio

Patrick calls in to discuss an issue that has become quite common. He’s interested in getting a 5-7×28 (and wants to know FN vs. Ruger) and can’t find any ammo. Should he purchase the gun and hope he can locate ammo later, or hold off on the purchase? Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham and the After Show crew discuss the problem, and offer their takes.

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The Best Ways to Make Turkey Hunting Safer

If you have been turkey hunting in the past, you know that several accidents happen in the field and there is a demand to take preventative measures for a safe turkey hunting experience. Those who are new might question what the hazards can be during something that appears as basic as turkey hunting!

How I Saved Money on My Pair of Binoculars

Armed forces binoculars can be extremely costly. This is because of several reasons. For one, they are very complex gadgets. There are lots of breakable moving components which are not affordable to create. Furthermore, they are relatively particular niche gadgets that require to be created in tiny batches. This stops manufacturers from achieving the economic situations of scale to bring costs down. Yet do not be discouraged. There are numerous means you can save money when you buy a set.

The Unexpected Usefulness of Military Binoculars

Army field glasses are a very specialized item. They’re the opposite of a pocket knife. People commonly consider them as having a very narrow objective.

Bushnell Riflescopes Are DOA

One problem that has afflicted seekers for years has actually been the guesswork needed for long-range shots. The issue is, when leaving the barrel, gravity begins to effect a bullet in traveling and also over a wonderful distance, a visible decline appears.

The Most Important Piece of Hunting Equipment

Throughout the years there have been disagreements that will last longer than life itself. Which came initially, the poultry or the egg? If a tree drops in the woodland and no one is around to hear it, does it truly make an audio?

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