California “Assault Weapons” Ban Ruled Unconstitutional | Gun Talk Radio

Firearms Policy Coalition’s Director of Legal Strategy, Adam Kraut, talks with Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham about the huge win with the judge’s decision in Miller v. Bonta regarding a ban on “assault weapons” in California, and what it means moving forward. Read more at, and listen to the whole interview at

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Digital Night Vision For Hunting and Surveillance

Digital Night Vision is a sort of electro-optical device that enhances existing light, like moon as well as star light. This device is delicate to a large range from noticeable to infrared lights. It works by utilizing its accessory illuminator to intensify the light that is readily available on the infrared end through casting a beam of light, rarely discovered by the eye. Digital evening vision is very valuable for searching and also security.

The Real Facts About Hunting

At the start of time hunting was a significant component of life and also was a need, being the only ways of survival. It provided food, clothing, as well as often tools. Hunted pets were understand as video game pets.

Damascus Steel – the High Tech Knife Steel of the 12th Century

Damascus was the utmost tool swipe in the 12th century. Today it has a long, mythical history as well as blades with Damascus steel blades are prized by enthusiasts for the one-of-a-kind patterns on the blades.

Hunting Tips, Tricks & Strategy

Ask any experienced deer hunter and also they will inform you that the very best time to hunt a deer is during dawn and also dusk. This is the moment when they are active for the sleep during the night and throughout the mid-day. Nonetheless this does not suggest that they do not come out for feeding at various other times.

Rambo 1st Blood Part II Knife Review

There has actually been a big need for the Rambo 1st Blood Part II Blade. Despite this demand there is still a shortage of information regarding this Blade. Right here we review the Rambo 1st Blood Component II Knife.

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