Chris Cheng Testifies at Senate Hearing on Guns | Gun Talk Radio

If you want something done, you better show up and speak up. Top Shot’s Chris Cheng recently testified in the Senate’s Judiciary Hearing on Gun Violence Prevention. His testimony was powerful, and his message was aimed at moving the needle in the gun rights fight. Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham talks with Chris about his gun rights journey and what led to him testifying. Read more at

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How to Hunt Safely From a Tree Stand

If you don’t intend to end up being a fact like so numerous various other hunters, you need to recognize how to search securely from a tree stand. Almost one in every 3 seekers that use tree stands will certainly end up in an accident that creates them injury, and these injuries can be extreme. These suggestions will certainly aid you utilize your tree stand safely on your following hunt.

Gun Safety Basics

Possessing a weapon can be life saving. If appropriate safety measures are taken, it can be a wonderful method to protect you and also your household. However, the presence of a weapon in the residence can position extreme dangers. Understanding just how to safely operate, store and also clean up a tool is critical before making your purchase. Understanding security essentials is vital for making your tool possession a positive experience. There are many organizations that advocate for gun security and also provide wonderful sources for training.

A Look at Rifle and Gun Stocks

The gun as is well known adheres to Newton’s third law of motion, which states that to every action there is an equivalent as well as contrary reaction. Thus when you fire the rifle or gun, the bullet that leaves the barrel at a particular rate has a recoil impact and the gun puts in a stress on the shoulder.

Bushcraft – The Survival Tactics

When the term “bushcraft” was created by Les Hiddins, he would have barely believed that it would end up being so popular everywhere, specifically his own nation, Australia. It didn’t take much time for it to infect various other countries also, especially South Africa and New Zealand. So allow’s pertain to the term itself.

Pocket Knife History and Details

Lots of years ago every guy would certainly have lugged a swiss army knife; it was simply the normal point to do. With knife criminal activity as it is now regrettably this can no more be done without it seeming harmful. Knifes now have a track record of threatening and just used as tools of physical violence, not as the valuable devices they actually are.

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