Congress Voting on Gun Control Bills This Week | Gun Talk Radio

Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham discusses the most recent bills introduced by the Democrats in their plans for more gun control, including H.R. 8 dealing with universal background checks (, and H.R. 1446 increasing the time an FFL has to wait to transfer a firearm without a completed background check (

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Wellies Are Now No Longer The Hunter Shoes

This is absolutely true that when you need to acquire footwear and boots of different kinds, you have to pay unique focus to it. There are varieties of footwear readily available out there as well as among them making the selection can often end up being complicated.

Several Fundamental Reasons to Make Use of a Gun Silencer

Firearm silencers are the cylindrical points connected to weapons. We see them commonly sufficient in reconnaissance films and also television programs to acknowledge them. We additionally understand they are usually used stifle the sound of a capturing. However, there are a lot more reasons gun silencers are utilized by hunters and also gun fanatics alike.

Important Tips for an Elk Hunting Adventure

Summertime is the very best time to head out as well as enjoy nature at its finest. One of one of the most preferred things t do is elk searching. This sort of quest is not as basic as it might seem.

Turkey Hunting Shotgun – How To Choose The Right Type of Shotgun For Your Turkey Hunting Trip

The very first thing that you should perform in order to make sure that you get one of the most out of your hunting journeys is to locate the right kind of turkey searching shotgun. Weapon manufacturers have started to generate designs that function well for this function, particularly since turkey hunting has begun to get even more popularity.

Outdoors With Frank, A Wife’s Point of View

There are so several things that interest me regarding the types. They run like gazelles. Their lengthy thin legs never appear to strike the ground. It appears as though they are flying, and also they are fast. They can be so agile, however yet they are an animal of extraordinary appeal as well as power. That is one pet you do not desire to mess with.

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