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Tom Gresham joins the show to discuss the President’s Executive Actions against firearms. How does this affect the gun community, and where do we go from here? Gun Talk Live is proudly supported by ATN and Springfield Armory.

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Moose Hunting – An Antler Trophy

Searching in Canada is really a nationwide sport as there is almost no acre of land that isn’t populated by wild video game. Moose are especially prevalent in the Canadian region strolling virtually the whole country. They are large animals with men evaluating in between 850-1580 pounds and standing 6-7 feet high at the shoulder.

Bear Hunting’s History and Uses

It is probably no surprise that birth searching has been around for numerous centuries. Bear searching, along with searching in general, has actually served many various objectives for different worlds. The bear has lots of prized qualities various other than simply their beauty as a prize that are necessary in several cultures, even today.

A Guide to Gun Safety

Bulk of parents do their ideal to supply their children with a secure atmosphere since they’re worried concerning their security. They make it a point to use safety and security products such as automobile seats, safety belt, bicycle headgears, life preservers and gateways on staircases. But unfortunately, way too many parents typically forget gun safety.

Shooting Goggles Are Not Optional

Being a sportsperson can be an enjoyable leisure activity. However, it is essential to comprehend the importance of home safety and security equipment to the sporting activity.

Enjoy Some Deer Hunting in Alabama

The whitetail deer is preferred for Alabama deer pursues. Bow hunting or gun searching is enabled when deer hunting in this state. Discover more about Deer Pursuing in Alabama.

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