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Stay informed on a local level! Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association ( joins Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham to discuss the importance of finding and supporting the state and national groups responsibly fighting for gun rights, versus groups that just want your money. Plus, what MSSA has been up to the last few years, and what they plan to do in 2021.

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Selecting the Right Nikon Scope for Your Rifle

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Losing to a Grizzly Bear

8 people from a rural Alaskan Yupik village determined to take a trip up the Nushagak as well as Mulchatna rivers to quest moose. This searching trip turned out to be not only daring however additionally adrenaline pumping. Where else can you complete versus a Grizzly bear for your food? This is country frontier Alaska at its finest.

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Nikon ProStaff 550 Laser Hunting Range Finder Review: Solid, Affordable Quality

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