Ghost Guns and Serial Numbers – Know the History | Gun Talk Radio

Lee calls the Gun Talk After Show to discuss “ghost guns” and a ’62 Marlin – the crew talks about why there weren’t any guns in the U.S. with serial numbers before 1968, when it’s legal to make your own gun without any serial number, and why everyone needs to let their federal and state reps know that guns without serial numbers are legal.

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How to Gut a Deer Like an Expert

Gutting a deer isn’t a complex point as long as you know which components to prevent. Constantly have sharp cutting tools ready so that the process is quick and specific.

Why Owning a Set of Duck Hunting Waders is Imperative

Find out why you ought to go out and purchase a set of waders for the upcoming waterfowl hunting season. No need to be left in the old days of being cold and uncomfortable.

6 Potential Food Sources For Whitetail Deer

The kind of food resource readily available for deer will greatly depend on your geographical place. The whitetail deer is extremely adaptable and also can live nearly anyplace consisting of country locations. Deer in your location must consume the food readily available there so the specific food resource will certainly really from area to place, however …

Post Rut and Late Season Deer Hunting Strategy

Hunting whitetail during OPTIMAL RUT is rather different than hunting throughout the BLOG POST RUT duration of the period. While the rut is on, the majority of bucks are strolling the timbers whatsoever times of the day searching for performs in estrus. Since this home window of opportunity is so quick (normally 5-10 days), dollars will save little power as well as time to seize these possibilities as well as will do so with unexpected negligence most of the times. However, as this window shuts, bucks revert back to regular patterns which drastically reduce their motions throughout daytime hrs. The prudent hunter will make up for this by changing his/her basic strategy.

Nightforce Rifle Scope

Early in 2008, I was able to obtain 4 Nightforce Scopes for Testing as well as analysis and to be made use of in our Practical Shooting Academy. Nightforce has actually acquired a substantial reputation for ranges that are constructed to settle up to the kind of abuse that daily usage in rugged conditions can throw at them.

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