Gun 101: Pinky Extension Mag vs. Flat Bottom Mag | Gun Talk

Why would you use a pinky extension magazine versus a flat bottom magazine when shooting a sub-compact? Gun Talk’s Ryan Gresham demonstrates the difference of when and why you’d use one over the other with the Smith & Wesson M&P Sub-Compact (

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Hunting Mule Deer in Aspens

Aspen forests prevail in much of the West and also harbor lots of mule deer. These trees typically grow in uniform stands at mid to high elevations, usually over 7,000 feet. Here are some ideas you can use to load your tag when searching in this country.

Hunting High-Brush Muleys

When it comes to intending your next mule deer hunting journey, you first require to make a decision which of 6 preferred mule deer environments– desert, pinyon-juniper forests, reduced brush, high brush, aspens, or evergreens– to target, then match the right strategies to that nation. Here are some tips for bagging your muley in high brush.

Mule Deer Hunting In Pinyon-Juniper Forests

When asked by buddies what formula I ‘d advise for effectively hunting mule deer, my typical solution is to match hunting techniques to the sort of nation you’re searching in. Here are some suggestions you may find valuable when hunting muley’s in pinyon-juniper forests.

Desert Mule Deer Hunting

The desert is often misleading and is commonly thought about a barren, drab area with dune, reptiles, and also coyotes. However is it also devoid of mule deer? Hardly! Right here are some ideas for searching mule deer effectively in the desert.

Ruffed Grouse Hunting Tips

Pursuing the gritty, however intermittent, ruffed grouch can be both exasperating as well as fulfilling. Currently I’ve obtained to admit, a substantial component of searching success for this wonderful upland game bird is shooting precision and proficiency, and also I simply am not the marksman with a shotgun that I am with a rifle.

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