Gun Trends for 2021; Funny Gun Shop Tales | Gun Talk Nation

Gun Talk Nation’s Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin talks with Jason Cloessner from Lipsey’s Guns about some of his favorite tales from the gun shops, 2021 firearm trends, ammo, and more.

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Goose Calls: Goose Hunting Tips and Tricks

Water chicken hunting can be mapped back to Old Egypt. Paints of ducks, geese and swans were likewise uncovered in European caverns as well as these go back to the last Glacial period. For as lengthy as guy has actually existed, individuals were already hunting.

Five Ways That Scouting Cameras Contribute to Quality Deer Management

Equally as the modern technology behind looking electronic cameras has developed swiftly from the 1985 version Trailtimer, which was stumbled by a string stretched throughout a trail producing a single occasion, to contemporary cams videotaping and also storing hundreds of photos on an SD card, so have the usages for them. At first, most hunters used these devices to aid them in determining what deer populate their building, the tracks they were using, the scrapes they were freshening, and also the food stories that were attracting them.

My Way of Butchering a Deer

The article explains the means I usually butcher a deer. I hang in its back legs making it easy for me to gut, skin as well as butcher the deer.

Definitions for Pocket Knives and Fixed Blade Knives (Part 2)

When buying swiss army knife and dealt with blade knives, it’s helpful to understand the terms made use of when reading a blade’s summary. I did some research study on blade terms as well as came up with a checklist that needs to work when acquiring a knife.

Why Remington Arms Makes Great Rifles

Remington Arms has actually been around for virtually 200 years and they still make all of their rifles and also ammunition in America which is really unusual nowadays. They are just one of the ideal gun manufacturers worldwide as well as here’s why.

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