Highland Tactical – Agent Backpack

Our AGENT is full of surprises. It’s equipped with 8 different pockets proving you with ample room to pack accordingly. It has a side access pocket behind the back padding so you can reach for your items quickly if necessary. The padded back panel with padded mesh shoulder straps provides comfort when on the trail. The Tricot lined pocket can hold your sunglasses or phone for safe keeping. Use the headphone port to connect a mobile device when on the go. If you get stuck in some heavy rainfall, there is a bag cover that zips out from the bottom pocket. Made from heavyweight durable polyester, the AGENT works hard to keep your gear safe.
Available in Black, Desert, Camo, and Olive

Interested in Hunting Deer? Check Out This Article

Whether you’re a beginning seeker or a seasoned pro, it’s extensively agreed that absolutely nothing compares to the excitement of deer hunting period. Right here are a couple of suggestions on how to start your searching adventure off right.

The Military Use of Crossbows – An Introductory View

It has actually been recognized that the Chinese used crossbows as weapons of war as very early as the 3rd century BC. There are carvings of weapons of Roman beginning as early as the 3rd century AD which recommended their usage in Roman military campaigns.

Things You’ll Need to Know If You Plan on Going Moose Hunting

Moose hunting is a complicated aspect for numerous brand-new hunters. The sheer dimension of the pet alone suffices to daunt. When you consider their eager feeling of scent and also hearing, along with their overall intelligence, it’s very easy to see why several hunters work out caution when searching these creatures. Nonetheless, their cozy pelts, outstanding antlers, and also vast quantities of meat make it greater than worth the initiative.

If You’re Planning on Going Pheasant Hunting, Read This!

Are you a lot more enthralled with the act of the search than the real act of making a kill? Does your heart race at the idea of calmly approaching on your target as well as outmaneuvering it? If this sounds like you, pheasant hunting is the excellent type for you. Whether you search for meat or for sporting activity, hunting pheasants is distinct in that it takes a fantastic offer of ability, persistence, accuracy, and stealth.

Acquiring a Hunting Lease is a Crucial Part of Any Hunting Expedition

No matter of the sort of hunting you do, getting a hunting lease is an essential part of any type of hunting exploration. Not only does it ensure that your hunting is legal, but it can also play a part in preserving your security as well. Here are a few more factors why getting a hunting lease can profit you.

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