Highland Tactical – Precision 37″ Double Rifle Case

The PRECISION 37″ is a heavy-duty double rifle case able to comfortably store your firearms. The Precision 37” comes equipped with our innovative detachable pistol case holding one pistol and up to five magazines. Both ends of the front panel are lined with MOLLE compatible webbing for easy attachment of gear. Two MOLLE mag pouches come attached to the webbing with enough room to store up to three full-sized rifle magazines in each. The MOLLE-compatible platform gives you the freedom to adjust mag pouches as needed. Three large zippered exterior pockets allow for quick storage of all your range day essentials and accessories. “Hideaway” zippered backpack straps are located on the rear of the bag, making it easy to carry the case when fully-loaded. The adjustable sternum strap helps take pressure off the shoulders, evenly distributing the weight of the case.
Available on hltactical.com

Introduction to Turkey Hunting Boots

Turkey seekers know how essential good footwear can be. If you wish to know more regarding great searching turkey boots then keep reading.

Cocking the Crossbow – Hand, Rope Or Crank

The evolution of the weapon over the centuries has actually seen the power variable rise substantially. The steady boost in draw weights supplied more power to the crossbow causing more range and also more influence on the target. This short article summarizes the benefits and disadvantages of 3 techniques for cocking a crossbow – the manual method, rope cocking gadgets and also crank cocking devices.

Turkey Hunting Tips – Helpful Insights For Beginner Turkey Hunters to Get the Results

Turkey searching has been a preferred sport of many individuals given that the earlier times. And also throughout springtime seasons, countless seekers take part in this task. They share turkey searching ideas and strive for the biggest turkey.

Turkey Hunting With a Bow – What Turkey Hunters Should Know to Avoid Ending Up With Nothing

Nowadays, a whole lot of seekers that take part in turkey hunting with bow use bows that provide extraordinary penetration. But these bows are more perfect for large animals such as deer, antelopes, as well as elks. The bodies of these animals will be substantially harmed if struck with these sort of bows. However, the bodies of turkeys are rather different.

Fall Turkey Hunting Techniques Differ From Spring Turkey Hunting and What You Need to Know

Turkey hunting is a much loved activity. And although it is a lot more connected with springtime, autumn turkey hunting is simply as positive.

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