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Finding a good holster that fits your gun just right can be difficult. Christina Rhine of Safariland joins Gun Talk’s Ryan Gresham to discuss how you can find the best fit for your firearm, what goes into making quality holsters, the CADRE program, and more. Visit and use the code “GunTalk20″ for 20% off holsters and accessories through June 30th. Gun Talk Nation is brought to you by Timney Triggers, ATN, Springfield Armory, Pyramyd Air, and Smith & Wesson.

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South Texas Hunting Land – 6 Tips To Acquire It

If you are a person that is exceptionally warm of hunting as a leisure activity, it seems rather tiresome to stroll from one place to another looking for game every year. The most effective option to stay clear of these treks and also journeys is to have your own hunting land, particularly in South Texas.

Turkey Hunting Basics For Beginners

Numerous seekers like to check their ability at bringing residence their very own wild turkey for dinner. While it is an enjoyable as well as interesting search, it can likewise be a tough and also tiring one. Turkey season is typically offered in both the spring as well as the autumn; this will offer seekers an opportunity at turkey a couple of times a year. Tactics are different for both the springtime and also the fall quest though, so with a little bit of time as well as research a seeker can march right into the timbers certain that he’s obtained all the tools to bag a prize gobbler.

Purchasing Hunting Land – 5 Essential Tips For Buyers

Which sporting activities hunter would certainly not love to possess some land with numerous game? Most definitely, most hunters! If you are likewise looking for some hunting land that is put up for sale, here are some standards to be kept in mind.

Leasing Hunting Land – 3 Factors To Consider

Any club exists just with the presence of participants, and keeps up the aid of membership fees. So additionally a hunting club. Offering a leased hunting land during the season is an additional benefit for any hunter that is a member of the club!

Kansas – Great Place For Pheasant Hunting

Kansas has long been considered a wonderful pheasant hunting destination. The numbers vary year to year, yet it consistently rates in the leading 4, along with South Dakota, for places to pheasant quest. With a little research, a sportsman can locate several fantastic locations Kansas offers to the pheasant hunter.

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