Landmark Gun Rights Ruling from Fourth Circuit | Gun Talk Radio

Attorney Don Kilmer joins Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham to discuss a major court victory: The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a federal law banning adults aged 18–20 years old from purchasing a handgun is unconstitutional. What does this mean, and where do we go from this point?

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How To Zero A Rifle Scope

You’ve just got yourself a new rifle extent, fitted it and also let me presume- for one reason or another your shots are landing no place near the crosshairs? Unfortunately there’s even more to rifle extent sharp shooting than just plonking the scope on the rifle as well as for life after shooting like a Specification Ops sniper! You need to “zero” it.

Carving and Painting Duck Decoys

You can acquire brand-new duck decoys or you can repaint your old ones. You can additionally sculpt and also paint your own duck decoys.

Knife Steel – What Goes Into Knife Steel?

We make use of the term Knife Steel in this post. However, the majority of the information applies to steel as a whole. Steel is iron without any even more than 2% carbon in it. The higher the carbon in knife steel the more difficult the blade can be made. The more difficult the steel the sharper the side the blade can take.

Guaranteed Deer and Elk Hunts on Private Ranches

Among the much more luxurious ways to hunt elk is to set out on a guaranteed elk hunt on an exclusive ranch. These cattle ranches are readily available across the UNITED STATE and also Canada, as well as offer excellent lodgings, dishes and also guides – as well as guarantee that you’ll obtain an elk. The larger, extra specialist attire offer visitor areas or cabins, with amenities varying from simple bed-and-breakfast design procedures to perfectly assigned cabins with private kitchens and also, sometimes, also jacuzzis. Many will give dishes at the ranch and lunches to load out with you.

How and Where to Hang a Giant Bow Safely

Safety first when hanging gigantic bows. Take a look at the means the giant bow you simply acquired is suppose to be hung. If your brand-new bow is to be hung with suction cups, make certain they can support the weight of your brand-new bow for even more than simply a couple minutes. Make certain the suction cups are the ideal size as well as there are enough …

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