Lasers on Little Guns for Training, Self-Defense | First Person Defender Bonus

Trainer Chris Cerino demonstrates why a laser on a compact carry pistol is a good choice for defense, using the Ruger LCP II and a Viridian green laser.

First Person Defender® puts participants in real-life situations with unknown attackers. FPD Season 9 is brought to you by Colt, Crimson Trace, Ruger, Springfield Armory, and SureFire. Watch more episodes and bonus training features at, on Gun Talk’s Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS app, Android app, Chromecast, or find Gun Talk on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

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A Glance Into the Past – Wild Duck Hunting Decoys

Wild duck seekers have been using duck decoys to help them capture more of these small creatures for numerous years with noticeable success. In our days, these duck decoys are a lot more preferred amongst enthusiasts. The main objective of these decoys is to draw in other animals into the rifle scope’s variety so that the seeker can take effective shots.

Duck Decoy History

The art of utilizing decoys to lure waterfowl go back hundreds of years. Native Americans were innovative in there exceptional ability to survive in the wild with very primitive ways. These really creative individuals would make use of almost anything they could obtain their hands on to develop appearance alike animals that resembled the game that they were searching.

Field Dressing – So You Want to Field Dress a Deer

When it’s time to area outfit a deer, you have actually got to prepare. It’s a gory task, after all. You’ll always remember it. Straight up and to the factor, here’s the fastest means to correctly field gown a deer.

Want to See More Deer More Consistently?

Can you take a big deer? Absolutely! Can everybody? Most likely, however not most likely. Why would I make such a declaration? Due to the fact that it’s real. Annually, in every state, seekers enter into the woods searching for a trophy dollar. Usually, they come out vacant handed with just their tools.

Which 3 Factors Affect Deer Movement?

Something is for sure. Deer need to relocate at some time to feed as well as drink. Some deer simply don’t have to move much.

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