NEW! Aero Precision EPC-9 and Breach Charging Handle | Gun & Gear LIVE

NEW! Aero Precision EPC-9 and Breach Charging Handle | Gun & Gear LIVE

Just announced! Aero Precision launches the much-anticipated Aero Precision EPC-9. Jeff Carson of Aero Precision discusses the new EPC-9 (Enhanced Pistol Caliber) and Breach charging handle recently introduced. Shop for the EPC-9, Breach Charging Handle, or any other Aero Precision product at

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Use Caution To Prevent Fear Of Gun Fire In Your Hunting Dog

Lots of people accidentally produce fear of weapon fire in their hunting pet dogs by rushing their pet right into direct exposure prior to they are all set. I have listened to many scary tales of people who think a puppy ought to be genetically programmed to such as gun fire. They will certainly shoot a shot weapon over their puppy as well as then are surprised and disappointed when the puppy alarms and also creates fear.

Scopes 101 – Basics for Beginners

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Wood Gun Cabinets to Keep Your Collection Safe

People collect weapons for many factors, be it due to the fact that they love exactly how they look, or since they enjoy to quest. Whatever the reasons might be, as well as whatever type of weapons may be part of the collection, the usage of a weapon cabinet is a has to when it involves keeping these guns risk-free. However there is no usage accumulating lovely weapons if you are not mosting likely to present them.

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