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After a failed – and funny – attempt to connect with Team Sig Sauer’s Lena Miculek, the Gun Talk After Show crew of Tom, Jim, and Michelle talks to Lena about the Hunter Games, PCC competitions, and new training classes she’s teaching at the SIG Academy.

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How to Build a Duck Blind

Definition: A hunting blind is a cover tool for seekers, designed to reduce the chance of detection – Wikipedia. Before you begin – 1. Prepare your blind in the house and also later on re-assemble it at the searching location. Re-assembly should after that call for only a cordless drill, galvanized screws and a hammer. 2. Usage stress treated timber ideally (It last longer).

Hiding in Plain Sight – The Art of Not Being Seen

An effective hunting trip depends on several factors as well as skills, not the least of which is the hunter’s capability to assimilate with their surroundings. Here, you will certainly discover some suggestions as well as techniques to help you hide from your victim extra efficiently.

Authentic Swiss Army Knives – Don’t Be Scammed

Swiss Military Knife duplicates as well as forgeries come from around the globe. Some of these copies look quite good, however they don’t match the Original and also Genuine Swiss Military Knives from Victorinox as well as Wenger. Make certain you are acquiring a genuine Pocket knife by Victorinox or Wenger. Wish to know just how to prevent being torn off by the imitations and also squandering your money on a counterfeit? After that continued reading.

Types of Shotguns

When purchasing a shotgun, there are several factors to take into consideration. Scale, dimension and brand name among others, however among the first points you must think about is what sort of shotgun is best for you. There are 4 fundamental kinds of shotguns, every one of which achieve the exact same goal which I have briefly described listed below. Each type has its very own pros and also cons; you have to meticulously take into consideration each kind and what the weapon will certainly be made use of for.

Four Important Duck Hunting Tips

Duck searching is an exterior sporting activity where people hunt waterfowl for food, feathers and also down. This sport has been around since the late Glacial epoch; we understand this due to Egyptian burial place paints as well as European cave illustrations. These paintings as well as drawings illustrate males with tools going after ducks, geese, swans, as well as also show catches set up in the water to catch a bird while it is showering, swimming or hunting for food.

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