Police Officers Leaving in Droves | Gun Talk Radio

Wayne Black of Wayne Black and Associates joins Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham to discuss why police officers are leaving forces in droves. LEOs are retiring early and leaving their departments in record numbers. Why are they leaving? The duo also shares what they’ve learned over the years to help you get through your day unscathed.

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Deer Hunting Techniques

Discovering the very best deer hunting methods is ‘key’ for a successful hunt. This can be the difference in between going residence vacant handed, or keeping that beast buck. Acquiring the proper material is what may be the distinction of a search to keep in mind.

2008 Duck Season

Being a “Duckaholic” simply enters you blood. Our 2008 waterfowl period was a success, with a few spins. Once more the young boys and I ended up another waterfowl season with good numbers. We had our moments of splendor as well as some days, well you just wonder why you bothered getting out of bed.

Crossbow As Hunting Equipment

Weapon is mainly made use of as a tool. Crossbow is commonly confused with a bow. It is comparable to a bow in procedure, yet both are various. The structure of a weapon is like that of a small bow attached over a tiny item of wooden plank, created with a small bar mechanism to shoot little arrowhead like frameworks.

Black Powder – Gun Supplies and Tips

Gunpowder is an explosive combination of potassium nitrate, charcoal as well as sulfur. The term weapon powder is additionally utilized extra extensively to explain any type of propellant powder made use of in weapons.

Amateur Pig Hunting – 10 Tips to Success

Having never ever shot a weapon, neither seen a pig in the wild, you might state I was significantly an in-experienced seeker, however when the possibility emerged, my interest more than qualified me to join an exploration. No pigeons or rats for this rover, my very first kill would certainly result from a ‘do-or-die’ situation. Kill or be killed I mused as I visualized myself matched versus the may of a charging boar.

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