Remington Ammo: Behind the Scenes | Gun Talk LIVE

KJ and Ryan head to Lonoke, Arkansas to see where the ammo from Remington Ammunition has been hiding. Plus, updates on Constitutional Carry and what happened in Louisiana. Gun Talk LIVE is supported by Hodgdon, Sig Sauer, and Smith & Wesson.

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Herp Hunting in the Northern Territory, Australia

The north region is well known for being ‘the actual bush’. It has a populace of less than 200’000 individuals, over 90% of which live in Federal government locations. These government areas only cover 5% of the Northern Territory, which leaves over 1.2 million square kilometres basically deserted. This area is nearly 5 times the size of the UK! As you can now think of, this is an incredibly huge as well as varied landscape! There are roughly 300 types of reptile, and 50 varieties of amphibian in the Northern Region. Slightly a lot more varied one could say, than the UK’s varieties count of only 6 reptiles and 6 amphibians!

Western Elk Hunting (Research)

Research study done on elk hunting permit fees and herd dimensions.

Bowhunting Talk

Archery and bow hunting Talk.

Deer Hunting Guns in Texas

Are you intending your initial deer searching trip in Texas or are you a seasoned expert? The Texas whitetailed deer is not excessively big as deer go. Deer up in the northern components of the nation and also Canada often tend to obtain bigger.

Deer Hunting in Texas-Synonym for White Tail Deer

The big state of Texas is synonomous with white tail deer searching. Due to the fact that it is so huge there are various methods to quest them in totally various landscapes.

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