Talking Turkey; Accessing Private Land | Gun Talk Hunt

An epic weekend of turkey hunting, and how to approach private land owners for permission to hunt on their land is what outdoorsman Thomas Allen and Gun Talk’s Kevin “KJ” Jarangin talk about on today’s podcast. Gun Talk Hunt is proudly sponsored by Pyramyd Air and ATN.

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Whitetail Deer Hunting – Can it Improve Your Chances of Bagging an Elk?

My solution to that concern is indeed, whitetail deer searching can definitely improve your opportunities of nabbing an elk and also here’s why. I base my response on the reality that I began out searching whitetail deer lots of years earlier in Alabama.

Brant Goose – A Goose With Three Names

Canada’s North is dark, chilly and hostile. Very few individuals live there. There are few roadways, swarms of mosquitoes as well as constant bad weather condition so it’ s safe to say the climate is unwelcoming. Expect to be stunned by what does live there. For one, the Brant Goose (branta bernida) types below.

Sako Rifles

Many hunters consider a good rifle their the majority of fundamental necessity. The issue for many hunters though is finding that a person great rifle. With so several choices out there therefore several calibers to choose from it is not difficult to comprehend why. I have had the pleasure of screening lots of rifles in lots of calibers and I have actually decided: some firms simply make great rifles, and also Sako is just one of them.

For the Ages

Today in our modern world of gadgetry, and much better, more powerful, extra varied equipment as well as equipment. It comes to be hard to imagine that seeker’s still quest the wild places with this type of honor, honesty and also willpower as the seeker in my story. Nevertheless, the what’s what is without hunters in our modern-day globe there would undoubtedly be little or no video game left for any individual to take pleasure in. Modern encroachment on what was when wild animals habitat and also the consistent threat to the remaining environments, determines that we as stewards of the wild locations should keep the numbers in check.

I’m a Bulleaver

It has actually come to my attention just recently that the word rut has greater than simply one meaning. The acquainted phrase, ’embeded a rut’ is much of what I experienced over the in 2015 – embeded a rut from some personal negative good luck. But, in the elk world it indicates fairly the opposite – it’s the time when antlered ungulates mate. So it strikes me as I arise out of my own rut that most of us can gain from the bull elk as well as to catch its toughness to maintain moving onward.

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