TideWe Box Opening

Wife’s TideWe boots and my TideWe Waders came… We are going to show them to u. After we have used them for awhile we will do a followup review…they appear to be very well built.

Here is a link to TideWe if u want to check them out:

Wader: https://bit.ly/2P7gaHt
Boots: https://bit.ly/35PkORc

General Wedsite: https://www.tidewe.com/

Coyote Calling Tips – Part 3

This is the 3rd article in my “Coyote Calling Tips” series. In the very first two posts we covered hunting for prairie wolves as well as various other killers as well as how to do an appropriate entrance as well as set-up when reaching the field to go coyote/predator calling. If you have not read them yet please do so. They will considerably enhance your hunting success price.

Guns and Shooting Safety

Despite your knowledge with guns or degree of marksmanship, both new and seasoned shooters constantly need to concentrate their ideas on safety when being around weapons. Understanding of secure methods as well as, a lot more significantly, always applying that info has to be the most importantly in any way times whenever and wherever firearms exist. Whether you are shooting targets or searching, never ever permit yourself to end up being distracted from security controling your actions.

Coyote Calling Tips – Part 1

So you wish to call prairie wolves? Well that makes me satisfied due to the fact that I love to call them as well as I enjoy instructing others to call them too. Right here’s a couple of coyote calling tips I’ve discovered over the past two decades of searching these exceptionally clever killers.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Tips For Beginners

Reading a target clay appropriately is the crucial to effective shooting. Exactly how you analyze what the clay is doing as well as how finest to attack it is the key.

Turkey Hunting Basics – Part II

The fundamentals of searching turkeys are pretty easy. This basic guide can obtain you out and also appreciating this splendid sporting activity today with a good opportunity of success. This is the secondly of a two part series.

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