TideWe Hunting Pack Review! | 3400cu Silent Frame Pack

Jacob does a great job unboxing and reviewing our Silent Frame hunting backpack! Take a look at this video if you are interested in purchasing one of our packs!


Lightweight & Ergonomic Design- Perfect for any hunting trip; this backpack offers a 3400 cubic inches (55 L) capacity and weighs 6.0lb (3.3 kg). The adjustable shoulder & sternum strap make fitting the backpack to your personal size a cinch. The ergonomic design along with the Soft and Thick Padding offer pressure reduction and makes long walks through the woods much easier on your body.

Breathable & Comfortable- Nothing is worse than a backpack that holds moisture and causes you to sweat. The breathable fabric on our Backpack helps keep the backpack dry and scent free.Innovative shoulder-grip design provides cushioned comfort .

Multi-Use- Specs (Dimensions) are 28” x 15” x 12”. Our bag can be used with your rifle, bow, or pistol. TideWe hunting backpack features a two-in-one carrier for your bow or rifle. The top front pocket consist of three main storage spaces to keep your gear organized and ready. It also has a small front pocket with inner compartments maximizing your storage options. Large hunting backpack with multi compartments packs everything you need for a day or 2-3 days outdoor hunting journey.

Durable- High performance fabric delivers incredible durability. Reinforced carry strap keep you focus on hunting trip. TideWe day backpack also offers super strong steel carbon frame to secure small and large loads.

User-Friendly Design- This framed hunting backpack is compatible with 2-liter hydration systems, keeping you hydrated for those long walks in the woods. This also makes it perfect for long hikes . The premium soundless fabric will assist you in remaining undetected while hunting and the waterproof rain cover is perfect for keeping all of your gear dry in case you get caught in the rain. Main pack can detach from frame, allowing you to use the backpack freely.

Unique design that allows you to carry your Rifle/Pistol or compound bow.

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What is that sensation that gets over seekers when we get in the woods? An easy breeze of a branch can signal the entryway of that 10 factor prize dollar for which we have actually been aiming.

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This opening day teemed with activity but slim on venison. As a papa, it was very satisfying period as my kid joined me for the very first time. He is 15, and also it was such a satisfaction to have him along to start passing down the family hunting practice.

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