TOP 10 1911 Pistols 2022 | Best 1911 Handguns 2022!

TOP 10 1911 Pistols 2022 | Best 1911 Handguns 2022!
When many think about guns, the first that comes to mind is typically a 1911. It’s one of the traditional, most recognizable models in the world. Wrapped in a rich history, it has captivated gun lovers for over a century. In this review, we’ll expand on why this is one of the most reliable guns around and help you find the best 1911 pistol and review some of the best options out there. The 1911 pistol is an American icon. It has been in the the hands of 5 generations and its popularity is still rising. This pistol has become synonymous with power, durability and the American military. Patented on Valentine’s Day in 1911 by firearms genius John Browning, the M1911 has been in continual production and use for well over a century – and for good reason – it’s an instantly recognizable classic that has improved on Browning’s original design time and time again. Once you start searching for a 1911, you might get really confused real fast by the amount of 1911s on the market. Well, we are here for you. I’ve gathered what I think are the best 1911s currently available. Trying to list the best 1911s can be tough, especially with the history the gun has. This is my list of the best 1911 pistols for 2022. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, design, and cost. ********************************************************************
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