Top 10 Automatic Knives 2021 | Best Switchblades 2021

Top 10 Automatic Knives 2021 | Best Switchblades 2021
Are you looking for the best EDC and tactical automatic knives of 2021? These are some of the best everyday carry switchblades knives we found so far:

✅1. Gerber Propel Downrange Auto
✅2. Benchmade 3400 Autocrat
✅3. Kershaw 7350 – Launch 10
✅4. Schrade SCHOTF8BS Viper Out the Front Assisted Opening Knife
✅5. Gerber 06 Auto 10th Anniversary Edition
✅6. SOG Strat Ops
✅7. Kershaw 7250 – Launch 9
✅8. Gerber Empower Automatic
✅9. Smith & Wesson Large S.W.A.T.
✅10. Hogue 24172 X1-Microflip

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If you are looking for an efficient portable cutting tool that you can take with you on your next outdoor adventure, then an automatic knife would be a perfect investment.
These knives are lightning-quick to deploy, sometimes flashy, and plenty handy when it comes to completing cutting tasks. The best thing about them is that they fit in every pocket, and when needed, this compact tool can be turned into the blade you want with just a press of a button.
These factors also, in the eyes of the law, make them more dangerous. As such, there are a lot of places — states, countries, regions — that have outlawed or placed strict restrictions on them in regards to the legality of ownership and whether or not you can carry them.
The knife world is a vast and complicated one for the uninitiated. Even those who have a bit of background knowledge might have a hard time to find the perfect knife, because of the overwhelming number of options. To save you time researching, we have compiled a list of the best automatic knives on the market today, along with their specifications and descriptions to help you choose the perfect one to suit your needs.
Just make sure, before you dive in, you’ve done your research regarding the legality of carrying one in your place of residence.
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