Are you looking for the best .357 magnum lever action rifles in the world? These are some of the most powerful and accurate .357 magnum lever action rifles of all time we found so far:

✅1. HENRY BIG BOY STEEL – Anything from Henry Big Boy carbine line is going to be a solid choice of brush gun.
✅2. MARLIN 1894 C – The Marlin name is also synonymous with magnum lever action rifles and this gun would make for a great brush tool.
✅3. WINCHESTER 1873 SPORTER – For those looking for a special lever-action rifle with a lot of historical significance, look no further than the Winchester Model 1873, aka: “The Gun that Won the West.”
✅4. TAYLOR’S AND COMPANY 1892 ALASKAN TAKEDOWN – How do you take a classic design like the Winchester 1892 and make it better? How about making it into a deluxe takedown model?
✅5. HENRY BIG BOY MODEL X – While most .357 Mag rifles on the market are classic cowboy style-guns, Henry garnered a lot of buzz with the release of the X Series of guns.
✅6. Taylor Special Sporting Rifle – The Special Sporting Rifle is one of the most versatile choices since it earns a place on this list by quality components and manufacturing. It
✅7. Uberti 1873 Trapper – The Trapper is an ideal choice for those who want a true western gun since it is one of the most accurate, budget-friendly, and striking reproductions of the Model 1873.
✅8. Winchester 1892 Short- The Winchester 1892 is the best lever action rifle for western action shooting and hunting alike
✅9. Marlin Dark Series – Marlin caused a sensation when it expanded its Model 336 and Model 1895 rifle lineups with new Dark Series options that edged the company’s traditional lever-action lineup into the tactical realm.
✅10. Mossberg 464 SPX – Mossberg was one of the first companies to offer a tactical-style, lever-action rifle with the introduction of its Model 464 SPX back in 2012.
In this episode we will present our picks for the best .357 Magnum Lever Action Rifles.
While one may traditionally think of handguns for self-defense when they think of .357 Magnum, this round has proven itself over the years as a quality hunting round.
The round lends itself well to lever action rifle designs for hunters who need to make quick follow-up shots in dense brush. These guns balance high power with low recoil, minimal weight, and high reliability, making them perfect for heavy use under poor conditions. Many guns of historical significance are also available in this caliber, which can appeal to collectors.
Without further ado, these are our top picks for the best lever action rifles chambered in this heavy and effective hunting round to add to your wish list for this hunting season. They are sure to put lots of venison in your freezer.
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