Top 10 Best Boot Knives For Self Defense
Are you looking for the best boot knives for self defense and everyday carry of 2021? These are some of the coolest boot knives for self defense and EDC we found so far:

✅1. Schrade SCHF21 9in One-Piece Drop Forged Fixed Blade Boot Knife
✅2. 5.11 Side Kick Tactical Boot Knife
✅3. Cold Steel Drop Forged Series Fixed Blade Knife
✅4. Schrade SCHF19 High Carbon Stainless Steel Small Boot Knife
✅5. Kershaw XCOM Military-Style Pocketknife
✅6. Schrade “Needle” SCHF44LS Fixed Blade, Spear Point, Double-Edged, Boot and Belt Knife
✅7.Cold Steel 17T Kobun Tanto Fixed
✅8. Gerber Gear Ghostrike Deluxe Kit
✅9. TOPS Knives Ranger Bootlegger
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Boot knives have had something of a renaissance over the last couple of decades. Although they were popular back in the day, before guns were more reliable, when men needed to be able to protect themselves at the drop of the hat or slide of a hand in their boot. Recently, they’ve become one of the must-have items for people interested in kitting themselves out with utility and survivalist equipment, gadgets and accessories. Knives are one of the oldest and most useful accessories we’ve ever carried on our personage.
They’re more than just useful for stabbing and inflicting other types of blood-pouring wounds on other humans though. Campers, hikers, mountain climbers, divers and just about anyone else involved in pastime or work involving materials and fabrics and rope that needs to be cut quickly, rely on blade. Boot knives have a kinda romantic nature to them, though. The idea of having a concealed weapon that you can reach in no time at all, can instill in you a certain sense of badassery. Can make the everyman feel like John Rambo, one of the A-Team, or at the very least Bear Grylls.
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