Are you looking for the best infantry weapons used during the World War 2? These are some of the best WWII infantry guns we found so far:

✅1. M1 GARAND – The M1 Garand was the standard U.S. Army infantry rifle during World War II. A semi-automatic rifle that General George S. Patton called “the greatest battle implement ever devised”.
✅2. LUGER P-08 9mm PISTOL – Georg Luger designed one of the world’s most iconic pistols. It is one of the first modern, mass-produced semiautomatic, detachable box magazine-fed handguns.
✅3. THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN – Already emblematic for its U.S. prohibition-era use by both criminals and police, the Thompson SMG was especially treasured by paratroopers for its effectiveness in close-quarters combat.
✅4. MG34 AND MG42 – The MG34 and MG42 proved to be the first successful “general purpose machine guns,” meaning it could be employed in both heavy and medium machine gun roles.
✅5. COLT 1911 – One of the most popular handguns ever made, the M1911 set the standard for the 20th-century pistol.
✅6. SVT-40 – Over the years the SVT-40 has often been mislabeled as the “Soviet’s take on the M1 Garand.”
✅7. PPSh-41 – The PPSh-41, or Shpagin Machine Pistol, was the Soviet Union’s sub-machine gun of choice for World War II and over the many years that followed it.
✅8. Bren Infantry LMG – The Bren Light Machine Gun was a powerful, easy to use weapon that could always be relied upon and was the linchpin to British infantry platoons.
✅9. M1918 BAR – The 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle was the light machine gun standardized by the U.S. Army in 1938 and used up until Vietnam, seeing extensive use with U.S. World War II infantry.
✅10. The Sten Gun – The British Sten Gun was a sub-machine gun, created out of sheer necessity. After losing huge amounts of equipment during the evacuation of Dunkirk and now with the looming threat of German invasion, the United Kingdom needed some strong infantry fire power, quickly and cheaply.
The Second World War is considered as the most widespread and terrifying war in the history of mankind. There were more than 100 million people from over 30 countries directly or indirectly involved and over 60 million casualties.
One of the major reasons for such mass destruction was the advanced weaponry used. During World War II, the focus was placed on innovation, technology, communication, and medicine to gain the upper hand. Hundreds of innovative weapons were manufactured by the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, the USSR, and other countries.
Infantry weapons like the M1 Garand, MG34, and LUGER P-08 along with the famous Tommy Gun are familiar from countless war movies and documentaries. These weapons changed the nature of combat, allowing soldiers to lay down constant fire, and produced in gigantic quantities.
The most iconic and famous weapons of their time are not always the best or the most practical. However, this is a list of weapons in which each one was so far ahead of the competition, that soldiers in the battlefields of World War II would jump at any opportunity to capture an enemy that had them, even dumping their own equipment in favor of the new weapon.
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