Are you looking for the best EDC pry bar tools for everyday carry and survival of 2020? These are some of the coolest EDC pry bar tools we found so far:

✅1. Schrade SCPT1 Pry Tool EDC Multi-Tool
✅2. Gerber Prybrid Utility Pocketable Multi-Tool
✅3. EverRatchet Ratcheting Keychain Multitool
✅4. Schrade SCPT2 Personal Emergency Rescue 5 IN 1EDC Multi-Tool
✅5. Griffin Adventure Tool
✅6. CRKT Viva Multitool
✅7. Gerber Mullet Keychain Multi-Tool
✅8. Kershaw PT-1 (8800X) Compact Keychain Multifunction Tool
✅9. Kershaw PT-2 Compact Keychain Pry Tool
✅10. BANG TI Titanium Punisher Bottle Opener Pocket Pry Bar Multi Key Chain Tool

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A well-built pry tool can be immensely useful in the right context and even has alternative functionalities people might find themselves relying upon. That includes — obviously — the ability to pluck nails out of a board, open paint cans, and even separating two stuck-together objects. But these devices can also be used to open packages, scour surfaces, work as an ad-hoc wedge, and whatever else you can imagine.
When choosing a pry tool for your EDC, your best bet is to choose one that not only takes up as little pocket real estate as possible, but that is also highly functional and up to the challenge of tackling various EDC tasks both large and small.
Unsurprisingly, these EDC darlings are favored by everyone from urbanites in major cities to hardcore survivalists on the fringes of society. Thankfully there’s more than a few compact, dedicated pry tools available for your everyday carry. So, if you’re having trouble picking the one that can best suit your needs, we’re here to help. As such, we’ve narrowed down a collection of what we believe to be the best pry tool for just about any budget.
If you’re serious about improving the overall functionality of your current EDC setup, then check out our list of the best EDC pry tools available right now. You’ll find that each one is compact enough to comfortably carry in your pocket every day, and lightweight enough to not weight you down.
small enough for you to carry around without you even noticing it is there.
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