Top 10 Latest Electric Mountain Bikes 2022 | Best New e-MTB 2022!

Top 10 Latest Electric Mountain Bikes 2022 | Best New e-MTB 2022!
Are you looking for the best outdoor electric mountain bikes of 2022? These are some of the best e-MTB we found so far:

✅1. Haibike FullFatSix 10.0
✅2. QuietKat RidgeRunner
✅3. Haibike Trekking 4.0
✅6. Specialized Turbo Levo Hardtail mountain electric bike
✅7. Cannondale Moterra Neo
✅8. Giant Reign E +
✅9. Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Elite Alloy
✅10. YT DECOY MX Core

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What are the best electric mountain bikes for 2022? Here is our list of the best full-suspension electric mountain bikes coming to the USA for 2022.
We’ve also grouped them into price ranges, since many people also ask us: What are the best budget electric mountain bikes? Or what is the best e-bike in my price range?
Yet to make the switch to E-MTB? Although an investment, the power-assisted rides have moved the needle when it comes to speed and fun. Check out these 2021 models if you’re looking to power up.
Electric mountain biking is all the rage, and there are countless brands offering a range of fantastic assisted rides. From beefy, gravity-defying machines to lightweight all-rounders, ultra-expensive models to more affordable bikes, there are a lot of choices.
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