Are you looking for best air rifles for hunting of 2021? These are five of the coolest air rifles for hunting we found so far:

✅1. Umarex Gauntlet 2 PCP High Pressure Air Rifle
✅2. Stoeger ATAC
✅4. Stoeger Airgun X10
✅5. Ruger Air Hawk Hunting Air Rifle
Air rifles fill many niches. Kids can learn firearm safety using an air rifle before stepping up to the real thing; some use pellet rifles to hunt without breaking local firearm-discharge ordinances; and an air rifle can be a simple pest-control tool, or a serious arm for competition. The market has something for everyone, and prices that range from easily affordable to those that require a small bank loan.
Air rifles have come a long way since the days of the iconic Daisy Red Ryder air gun. While you can still find the Red Ryder on store shelves, you can also find high-powered precision options perfect for serious long range shooting. Prices range from around $25 to nearly $1000.
With such a wide range of options, finding the right air rifle for your individual needs can feel pretty overwhelming. Understanding air rifle technology, as well as what features you need for specific shooting pursuits, will help you narrow the field. Here are a few key things to consider on your hunt for the perfect air rifle.
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