Top 5 Best Henry Lever Action Rifles For Home Defense and Hunting

Top 5 Best Henry Lever Action Rifles For Home Defense and Hunting
Are you looking for the best Henry lever action rifles for hunting, survival, and long-range shooting of 2021? These are some of the best Henry lever action rifles for hunting, survival and beginners we found so far:

✅2. Henry All-Weather Lever Action .45-70
✅3. Henry Big Boy
✅4. HENRY X MODEL .410
✅5. Henry Golden Boy
Henry rifles…… utter the phrase and even the most novice firearms enthusiast knows of what you speak. It’s brass and hardwood and lever-actions and a good dash of the old west. Tried and true performance and perhaps more fun than might be legally advisable.
Don’t let the retro look fool you, these rifles are much more than shootin’ irons for today’s new breed of cowboy. They’re also the unbeatable choice of big-game hunters who prefer the traditional look, feel, reliability and accuracy that comes from an authentic Henry rifle.
The New Jersey-based company has become legendary in a relatively short amount of time. Just a quarter century that’s all the gunmaker has been around. But in an industry that tends to measure longevity in half and full centuries, it’s a blink of an eye.
Henry has a huge catalog, though, so with so many options to choose from, how do you know which of these beautiful and high-quality rifles to choose from? We did the research, so you don’t have to. Since there are so many different options available, we scoured hundreds of customer reviews to find the best Henry rifles on the market today. Every shooter is different, and this list of rifles offers a wide spectrum of choices.
Of all the Henry rifles, these five are the top of the bunch. All of them are high quality builds and should offer you great value for the money.
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