Top 5 Best Plate Carrier & Chest Rigs 2021

Top 5 Best Plate Carrier & Chest Rigs 2021
Are you looking for the best tactical plate carrier vest and chest rigs of 2021? These are some of the best tactical plate carrier vest and chest rigs we found so far:

✅1. Qore Performance IcePlate EXO (ICE) Ultralight Vented Plate Carrier
✅2. Agilite K19 Plate Carrier
✅3. Helikon-Tex – Guardian Chest Rig
✅5. Haley Strategic D3CR HEAVY Chest rig
In this video, we’ll review plate carrier vests from the bottom of the budget barrel all the way up to Mil-Spec vests ready for combat.
From weight to breathability to downright tacticool factor, we’ll cover it all! I have used a number of them, so I can tell you which ones are good and what features you should look for in a vest.
Plate carriers are designed to carry inserts made to stop real ballistic rounds. The plates inside the vest cover and protect the vital organs of the upper body. Some vests allow you to insert side and back plates, which might be a little overkill for civilian use, but hey if you don’t mind carrying a little extra weight go for it. They typically have MOLLE attachments and pockets to carry other military-style gear.
Comfortable, customizable, and—most importantly—combat-ready, these high-performance tactical plate carriers guarantee superior protection for the modern fighter, and are much sought after by officials in law enforcement and the military alike. Regardless of the threat conditions you’re up against, you’re going to want gear like this for your next operation.
Efficient and versatile, with an adjustable, lightweight design and built-in comfort padding perfect for extended wear, these elite plate carrier vests are manufactured by trusted brands like Condor and Crye Precision and offer the support you need to make it through your mission unscathed. For rugged, ultra-functional gear that’ll get you home in one piece, look no further.
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