Are you looking for the best varmint rifles and predator hunting rifles of 2021? These are some of the best rifles for hunting we found so far:

✅1. Winchester Model 70 Varmint Rifle
✅2. Stoeger ATAC Varmint Air Rifle
✅3. Ruger American Rimfire Target
✅4. Remnigton Model 700 PCR
✅5. Henry Long Ranger in .223
Varmint hunting is growing in popularity. To begin with, farmers have to protect the crops and keep pests under control. For that, you’ll need the best varmint rifle that’s accurate and dependable.
While there’s no reason you couldn’t use your deer hunting rifle for some varmint or predator control, many hunters prefer to use a dedicated varmint rifle of some sort.
Fortunately, there are a bunch of varmint and predator rifles out there that will fit the desires and budget of almost any serious varmint hunter.
It doesn’t take a big wallet to get in on the action, and depending upon where you hunt, there are a number of different firearms that can be very effective. While many of them will get the job done, having the best possible varmint rifle can really make your life easier regardless of whether you’re hunting for fun or dealing with a serious animal issue on your land.
That being the said, we’ve compiled some of the best varmint rifles on the market that you should consider taking afield for hunting coyotes, bobcats, prairie dogs or even feral hogs.
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