Are you looking for the best survival knives on Amazon of 2021? These are some of the coolest knives for survival & outdoor we found so far:

✅1. Tops Knives Bestia
✅2. Gerber Ultimate Fixed Blade
✅4. COLD STEEL Drop Forged Survivalist
✅5. Cold Steel Leatherneck Sf Tool Knife
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In the world of outdoor gear, knives get slapped with the “survival” tag more than almost any other product. But with all the static out there, how do you determine which one deserves the title of “best survival knife”? That’s where we come in.
Despite what cheerful reviewers and YouTube personalities may lead you to believe, survival isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s not like bushcraft or camping, where you’re out enjoying yourself in the wilderness. Those pursuits are all well and good. But survival is just that — getting out of a precarious or life-threatening situation with nothing but your wits and the tools you have.
Whether you’re stranded in the woods with a wrecked vehicle or caught in the suburbs in the middle of a hurricane, you’ll want a tough, multi-role survival knife that can tackle a wide variety of tasks.
But there’s nothing wrong with having some fun along the way to making your final purchase. Check out the list in this video to see the survival knives we’re confident will see you through the baddest of bad days.
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