Ultralight Hunting Rifles | Gun Talk Hunt

A new wave of ultralight hunting rifles is here. Luke Thorkildsen of Weatherby stops by to discuss the Mark V rifles, plus a recent DIY caribou trip to Alaska, with Gun Talk’s Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin. This Gun Talk Hunt is proudly supported by Pyramyd Air and Timney Triggers.

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So What is a Ghillie Suit?

A Ghillie Match, or also described as a Yowie Fit is a sort of camouflage clothing designed to appear like hefty underbrush. It is typically constructed from an internet or cloth garment, which itself is composed of loosened strips of fabric mixed with genuine or artificial twine, leaves as well as twigs. Seekers and snipers comprehend the value of being totally masked.

Deer Hunting 101 – What Do Deer Eat?

Deer, in their all-natural habitat, do not eat “deer feed” that can be acquired at the feed shop. So, entrusted to their own devices, what do deer eat?

Parts of a Deer Antler – Deer Rack Anatomy 101

Deer horns are an incredibly fascinating organic sensation. The shape of horns range from really little sharp “spikes” to sensational regular and also non-typical racks. To better recognize the parts of a deer horn …

Hunting Dog Training – How to Turn Your Pet Into a Top Notch Hunting Dog

When it pertains to searching pet dog training, this is really a science, as well as one that should not be taken gently. An effective hunting pet dog can really make or break your success out on the route. What do they cover, and also a lot more significantly, what kind of pet dog will make the very best searching pet?

Uncovering Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips and Lore

For a hunter to be effective in the area he needs an edge. Having great tools is not sufficient. The effective hunter will arm himself with well-guarded whitetail deer hunting ideas and also secrets to clain that trophy dollar. The problem is, this sort of deer searching lore, these type of secrets are difficult to be discovered!

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