Using Hidden Compartments for Firearms | First Person Defender Bonus

Trainer Chris Cerino discusses placement and positioning of concealment or hidden compartment furniture like the In Plain Sight concealment shelf from Lockdown. Find out more at #SelfDefense #FirstPersonDefender

First Person Defender® puts participants in real-life situations with unknown attackers. FPD Season 8 is brought to you by Crimson Trace, Kimber, Ruger, Springfield Armory, and SureFire. Watch more episodes and bonus training features at, on Gun Talk’s Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS app, Android app, Chromecast, or find Gun Talk on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

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How to Choose a Crawfish Trap for Kids

Picking a crawfish catch for children requires a little bit a lot more assumed than selecting on your own. Utilize these tips for choosing the catch that will certainly permit for the best enjoyment and safety of your child while permitting them to have a good time.

Deer: Basics to Understanding

Deer, are a very sought after pet in the hunting world in North America. In order to quest well it is constantly an excellent concept to research and also to recognize the fundamentals of the deer’s routines and also attributes. These are several of the extremely fundamentals on what deer are, and exactly how they operate.

Food Plot Strategies 101 for New Properties

To have your new hunting property be a favorite among deer, you ought to take into consideration growing food stories. Food stories provide deer the nourishment they yearn for as well as assist them to expand larger bodies and horns. Here are some pointers for producing and keeping food stories on your new residential or commercial property.

Turkey Hunting – The Ultimate Archery Challenge

For the majority of us, springtime can be the time of year when balancing a great deal of jobs can be very critical … besides, turkey period is right around the edge. Prep work for this years hunt really started on February 18th, 2011 as my wife and I were headed to Kansas for the birthday celebration of one of our nieces. Attempting to be arranged and strategy ahead for the active springtime, this trip would additionally be the time to supply all the blinds, decoys, chairs, bow owners, etc. I understood the following time I was in Kansas it would certainly be turkey period.

A Look at Important Fleshing Tools

Before a skin can be mounted, you will certainly initially require to set about fleshing and also tanning it. Fleshing entails obtaining rid of all of the meat and cells on the conceal. This can be done by hand or machine depending upon your certain preferences.

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