Clever Father Creates A Cheap, Off-Grid Device That Can Effectively Produce Water On Demand.

What he did next will change off-grid prepping as we know it…

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After criminals stole what remained of his dwindling water supply, Chris Burns, a 57-year-old farmer living on the outskirts of Fresno with his young family needed a plan B.

Starting a journey to create his own fresh water system, after severe droughts and ongoing water shortages left hundreds and hundreds of his best farm land unplanted, and going to waste.

Chris set out to create a fresh water generator that was…


◾Cheap to create from everyday supplies

◾Easy for anyone to build and operate

◾Able to pull fresh drinking water out of thin air


Giving families like his reliable access to safe, clean and cool drinking water, without any dependency on the grid or unreliable water companies and their skyrocketing prices.

But what makes the Water Freedom System so incredible, is you won’t need to go to the hassle of drilling a well or wasting your hard-earned money on expensive bottled water.

✅ Imagine having access to an unlimited water supply at the press of a button…

✅ Imagine not having to struggle or go without during the harsh heat of summer…

✅ Imagine having step-by-step blueprints to build the entire machine yourself…

✅ Imagine not having to deal with the outrageous charges of bottled water…

✅ Imagine having a solution you can get started on today (yes, TODAY)…

Chrus Burns

Father, patriot and all-around handyman Chris Burns used a practical approach to develop the Water Freedom System and has gone on to help thousands and thousands of families all over the country better prepare for a major grid-down event.

Inspired by the positive reaction from the community on the initial prototype, Chris built it into an entire program to ensure no other family would suffer like his did, without the access to fresh, clean, drinking water. Take a few minutes to see how easy it is to create on your own, and ensure you’re prepared should the water ever stop running.

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Simple DIY Method

That can pull real moisture out of thin air, filter it and turn it into an unlimited supply of pure drinking water for your family.


Light & Portable System

Gives you fresh water wherever you need it to make it one of the best “emergency” water sources you could ever hope for


Slash Your Water Bill

Generate FREE water day in and day out, so you can slash your water bill by 30%… 60%… and even 90% to save you thousands each year