Where’s All the Ammo?! | Gun Talk Nation

Wondering where all the ammunition has gone? Gun Talk’s Ryan Gresham talks with Remington’s Joel Hodgdon about the current status of ammo availability. Plus, find out what the future holds for the NEW Remington Ammunition. Gun Talk Nation is brought to you by Timney Triggers, Safariland and Pyramyd Air.

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Waterfowl Mating Habits

I discover it very intriguing that some waterfowl select companions permanently, while others experience the yearly routine of courtship. Geese usually pick companions forever. My study does not show this to be true for ducks. Normally ducks undergo the regimen of seasonal courtship as well as the taking on like-kind males of their varieties for the possibility of protecting a companion.

A Primer About Waterfowl Hunting

Men have been searching waterfowl such as ducks, geese, as well as also swans considering that Ancient times. Any person that has eliminated their very own bird then had it for supper can inform you they make actually fine eating. But obviously, like all searching, a lot of athletes and also ladies are inspired mostly by the thrill of the chase, the sociability that comes from investing a couple of days on the water with fellow enthusiasts, as well as the appeal of the appeal of the fantastic outdoors. If you have actually been thinking about taking up waterfowl hunting, right here’s a short primer on the subject.

Find What You Are Looking For With an NcStar Mark III Series Scope

Whether you are a sniper, target shooter, or seeker, you would like to know you have the finest extent there is on the marketplace. There are a remarkable amount of extents to select from today, which is exactly why it pays to do your research. Fortunately, you can conserve on your own the difficulty of investigating for hours and also choose an NcStar Mark III collection extent.

Which Tree Stand Should You Buy?

Having difficulty choosing which sort of tree stand to get? Here’s some advantages and disadvantages of the most popular tree stands on the marketplace.

Goose Hunting 101 Part 2 – Guns and Shells

Absolutely nothing is a lot more obvious to a person who knows with weapons than the squealing nonsense of somebody who has in fact never ever touched a gun yet talks as though they single handedly subjugated the frontier. At the extremely least make your lies believable with the details here.

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