Why the 7mm Isn’t Good for Long Range Shooting | Gun Talk Radio

Lee calls in to ask about the 280 AI cartridge – What’s the recoil like, and would it make a good Precision Rifle Series (PRS) rifle? Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham discusses the ballistics and why a 7mm rifle would not make a good PRS gun. Plus, what ARE shooters moving to for their PRS guns? The After Show crew weighs in.

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How to Pick the Proper Survival Knives

The survival blade might just be your future friend. Having the very best survival knives at your side can attract the line in between enduring, and also actually being able to do something of well worth in a survival situation. Picking among the different sort of blades, like repaired blade survival blades or folding blade survival knives, is something that you must make a decision.

How to Select a Grunt Call

While selecting the proper area for searching whitetail deer is necessary, you can boost your chances of success by utilizing a grunt phone call bring your quarry in closer. Yet what should attributes should you search for when picking a grunt telephone call? Below are some referrals …

Top 5 Whitetail Deer Calibers

One of one of the most popular (as well as controversial) conversations around the fire at deer camp is “What is the finest deer rifle caliber?” These discussions are just like “Ford versus Chevy” disputes with each specific passionately protecting their champion. We might not be able to fix this problem, be we can note some heavyweight competitors for the title of leading whitetail deer caliber.

Illinois Goose Hunting Clubs – Tips For Finding A Goose Hunting Club In Illinois

Illinois goose searching clubs start creating guided pursues mid September to January. This ninety day open season doesn’t give local sportsmen a great deal of time, a lot of look right into bird searching guides.

Not All Rifle Scopes Are Created Equal

The reticle is likewise called the crosshairs in a rifle extent. There are two main kinds of reticles a cable reticle and also etched reticle. A rifle extent is frequently called a telescopic view which is utilized on weapons, rifles as well as hand weapons.

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