Wild Oklahoma Whitetail Hunts | Gun Talk HUNT

Gun Talk’s Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin chats with Thomas Allen about a recent Oklahoma whitetail hunt that had it all. Allen squares up on his first prairie-range whitetail. Does he swing and miss or will he go home with a full ice chest? Gun Talk Hunt is proudly supported by Springfield Armory and Timney Triggers.

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Selecting Serrated or Plain Edge Knives

The initial concern one must address about the kind of edge to carry his/her knife is, “What do I do with my blade?” Answers include things like: shave, slice, slash, saw, hack or chop. There are primarily 2 kinds of cuts made with a blade: a push cut or a slicing cut.

3 Best Muzzleloaders For Under $300

With the proceeding surge in the expense of supplies for capturing, seekers as well as outdoors types are on the search for inexpensive alternatives to stay in the area. Due to improvements in projectiles, propellants, accuracy in addition to taking care of characteristics, muzzleloaders have become a superb choice. This write-up details the 3 ideal muzzleloaders for under $300.

Getting Your Perfect Shots With High Power Rifle Scopes

Amongst passionate seekers as well as various other rifle fanatics, essential devices consist of rifle scopes for obvious reasons. Of all the sorts of extents on the market, nonetheless, the high power rifle ranges are perhaps one of the most popular since of the many opportunities these accessories supply for a wonderful searching experience.

Deer Hunting With Your Kids – 9yr Old Son Calls in Nice 8pt Buck for 50yr Old Dad

Deer searching with your youngsters is wonderful! Gain some tips on making it satisfying while checking out one of our whitetail deer hunts.

Late Season Bowhunting Strategies

Late period bowhunting is not a sport for the weak, however it can be the ideal sporting activity for you if you have the ability to use the season to your benefit. Utilize these suggestions and methods to bag on your own a substantial dollar throughout the late season.

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