Wisconsin Spring Turkey Hunt 2021 | Frustrating Long Beards!!!

Well, turns out it can be a little frustrating trying to kill a turkey and self film, but we got it done! Took some time out in the blind but we were finally able to put a nice bird on the ground! Couldn’t be happier with the bird I got and I can’t wait to see what the next week brings! Hopefully I can get some better footage next week! Thanks for watching and head on over to the link below to get yourself some TideWe gear!


Thanks for watching!

31 Whitetail Deer Facts

31 Realities regarding Whitetail Deer as well as Whitetail Deer Searching. Whitetail Deer have a leading speed of 35-40 MPH and also they do not have gall bladders. Would like to know even more?

Scent Control – It’s All About the Details

As a human it’s hard to totally comprehend exactly how a whitetail deer might obey it’s nose. People do not function in this manner, and if we had to endure just via using our noses, we most likely would not make it very long. On the other hand, whitetail deer obey their noses, as well as mature whitetails learn to count on their noses greater than any type of various other sense. A whitetail deer’s nose is to him what eyes are to people; he depends on what he smells even more than any of his various other senses. The saying, “I need to see it to think it,” represents humans’ heavily dependence on sight.

The Three Methods of Obtaining a Lead When Shotgunning

Whether you are wingshooting or clay shooting, developing which sort of lead shooter you are will certainly enhance your uniformity and also accuracy. There are 3 techniques of obtaining lead on a relocating target. The “swing with” technique, the “pull in advance” approach, and the “sustained lead” technique. All of which have there benefits and also disadvantages. Allow’s take a look at the three.

Archery Tips and Techniques – Tuning Fixed Blade Broadheads

Several times bowhunters are frustrated by a loss of accuracy and a change in influence when firing broadheads rather than target suggestions. To repair this trouble and obtain the best precision out of hunting arrows it is very important to do what is generally called “tuning your broadheads.”

Crow Hunting

In lots of states, one can search crows daily all year with the exception of a month or more. This write-up talks about every little thing you need to find out about exactly how to efficiently call crows making use of an electronic call.

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