TOP 10 Best 9mm Carry Guns of 2022

TOP 10 Best 9mm Carry Guns of 2022
9mm pistols are the most popular handguns available for good reason: they have a relatively high capacity, 9mm ammunition is inexpensive and plentiful, they have less recoil than most other calibers, and, they can be very effective for self-defense.
The purpose of a CCW gun is that they are lightweight and compact so as to make it easy for you to carry it, and not have it stick out. 9mm concealed carry handguns come in various shapes and sizes and can range from pocket-sized single stacks to compact combat pistols.
You’ll be pleased to see that there are quite a few American-made handguns listed here too. Also, people have gravitated toward 9mm handguns so that’s mostly what you’ll find here.
There are plenty of amazing CCW pistols that are not on this gun list. That doesn’t mean they aren’t great. It just means we only included the most commonly used and popular concealed carry guns in this list.
Please try not to hurt my feelings too badly in the comments section if you don’t see your favorite pistol on this list of best concealed carry guns. Otherwise, have fun exploring the best concealed carry guns on the market.
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