TOP 5 Guns You MUST OWN before a Ban in 2023

TOP 5 Guns YOU MUST OWN before a Ban in 2022
Firearms are an issue. They have always been an issue and they will always be an issue. There is always someone out there with the great utopian idea that if we simply take away all the guns we will eliminate all the crime. This idea has been proven to fail for many reasons. And yet it still might happen. So what guns should we acquire before then?
First of all, I want to make it clear that I don’t know if a ban on firearms will happen, but it might… so you better be prepared.
With that being said, if government decides to prohibit the sale of certain firearms, I have a few ideas of which guns you should buy before any laws get put into place. This video cycles through several firearms and offers a variety of information about each one. It is a break down not of specific gun brands but more about the calibers that you should include in your kit or home arsenal.
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