Top 5 Most Accurate Competition Pistol Out Of The Box

Top 5 Most Accurate Competition Pistol Out Of The Box
Handgun competitions are great fun, but there’s also a practical side to these competitions. The more adept you are with your firearm, the higher you’ll finish in each match, but you’re also building the pistol skills you’ll need should you ever find yourself in a violent encounter. If you’re in the market for a new comp pistol for United States Practical Shooting Association or International Defense Pistol Association matches, here are some great guns for these competitions.
Depending on which organization and class you compete in. there are rules that govern what accessories can and cannot be used in competition. In IDPA’s Back-Up Gun (BUG) class semiautos must have barrels less than 3.8-inches and have a maximum of five rounds in the chamber, which is an entirely different gun than you’ll be shooting in open class USPSA matches, for example. Regardless of which class you’re competing in there’s a gun on this list for you. Here’s a look at our favorite competition 9mms.
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